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 First midterm tomorrow. I was talking to my dad on the phone today, and we hadn't talked for week, but I had absolutely nothing interesting to say. At this point, it became disgustingly obvious that all I do lately is study. I do constant homework every weeknight just so that I can have enough free time saved up to go out on fridays and saturdays. I'm trying to remember what it was like at the end of summer when I had endless free time, and just wanted to go back to school to dispel the boredom. It's hard to remember.

Plus, it's October, and cold. My McGill bunnyhug will soon be insufficient. Summer was a different life.

But this isn't a complainy post. Actually it's a happy post, because it's the night before a midterm, and I'm updating my LJ and watching Maddow instead of cramming my face off. I guess studying in advance has some benefits. Also, next term is going to be a lot lighter.

Also, I want to try to do Nanowrimo again this November, since exams work out to be in October and December. I'll cut the words down to 500. Probably still won't get through it though. Sigh. Whoever picked November obviously wasn't a student. July would have been a perfect month.

And I don't have anything else non school related to report.

(Except that Chad VanGaalen is this weekend :D)

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03 October 2009 @ 12:38 am
Thank you.

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13 September 2009 @ 02:13 pm
 I'm writing a mini-essay on Chaucer for English. And loving it. There's something wrong with me.
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08 September 2009 @ 09:29 pm
 Oh hay school. I've missed you. God, I am such a nerd. Being back on campus makes me really, really happy. So do all of my classes. The traditional rundown:

Lab Techniques: Has the potential to be really interesting, or really boring. I like the prof, although he was funnier on the first day.

Cell bio: Seems very interesting. Will probably be my favorite course. Makes me wish I were taking an ACB degree. Sigh, double majors.

Biochem: I suspect that I'm going to be bored out of my mind. Until Oleg gets there, at least.

Ochem: The prof tries too hard to be entertaining, but at least he's not boring. 

English: I'm going to love this class so much, even though there are less than twenty students. I swear to God everyone except me and Aren sat alone with empty chairs between them, in complete silence. It was pretty awkward. The prof seems really good though. A little boring, but she knows her stuff. Up until now, all of my courses have been a testosterone fest. It's nice to have a female professor for once (Kaminskyj does not count).

So far I've managed to avoid Lecturelag (see last term's first post) because of the long weekend. Even so, I was pretty tired today after taking advantage of all the free food on campus, so I decided to have a nap in the evening when I was home alone. I'm pretty sure that I set the timer on my stove for an hour, but I didn't wake up until 8 when the phone rang. I checked the stove and the timer had been shut off, so I figured maybe I didn't actually set it.

Then when my Mom got home, she said that the back door had been unlocked and left open, and I definitely didn't go anywhere. So then we checked the house for missing stuff because it's been robbed before (many years ago though), but everything seems to be around (and I searched the basement for hidden people, lolz). I'm pretty sure that she just left the door ajar and forgot about it, but it's still a little creepy to think that someone could have been in my house while I was in my room sleeping. Plus the timer thing.

Anyway, I have a journal article to read. Among other things. I'm having a bit of a hard time getting back into the studying mindset, but I guess it's only the third day.

Stuff that's going on:
  • Franz Ferdinand happened :D
  • I have a gross, asthmatic, gravelly voice leftover from a month ago
  • I'm still trying to get my letters of reference sorted out so I can start volunteering
  • Had my last shift at Safeway. I don't think I need to explain how good this is.
  • Despite my unemployment, it seems like this is still going to be a really busy year. Mostly because everyone seems to be into organizing things. Stitch N Bitch, afternoon workouts, biweekly coffee dates, study groups, and maybe a coed soccer team...plus I am about to start art classes, marathon training, debate club and U-chorus again.
  • I want to join the Amnesty group on campus, get involved in activism again, but the effing ochem lab is in the way.
  • My Mom is mildly freaking out about this flu thing, which is unusual for her. She keeps showing me newspaper articles about H1N1 (and since the SP has a hard on for the pandemic, this happens almost everyday) and she mentions it pretty much whenever she can which is fairly irritating and unnecessary.
  • I am hungry. Mozarella is in order.
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02 September 2009 @ 10:39 pm
Tonight I'm saying goodbye to summer, and all the adventures that it brought. I'll miss you. It's been a very memorable four months :). 

Tomorrow is the first day of classes. I've been looking forward to this year for a long time. I'm finally taking courses that I actually want (...except ochem, but whatevs), and it's only second year, so I'm hoping that the work won't be too intense. I think this is going to be a really good year. At least, that's what I'm holding out for. Thats what I see.

And then tomorrow evening, Franz Ferdinand!

Two more shifts and then I'm getting out of Shitway FOREVER. Sunday will be an unspeakably beautiful day.
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09 July 2009 @ 10:01 pm
 I'm at a different Second Cup this time, downtown on St. Cats, near the Jazz Festival. We came down to look for Schwarz's deli, and to gaze longingly at the clothing in H&M (there are two of them on the same street, qqf?). Tomorrow, we're coming back for actual shopping, which is also going to involve buying cheap clubbing outfits for later tomorrow night. The next morning, we head to Quebec City. 

I went to the Montreal botanical gardens today, and almost died of heat in the metro. It's so hot here today. Either it's really hot, or it rains alot, neither of which I'm adapted to. It's warm at night though, which is nice.

Last night, we bought our metro passes and came downtown for the first time to see the Jazzfest and wander around. Later, we met up with Leland and Sarah, who happen to be staying here for a couple weeks, and went to a bar for a bit because it was Sarah's birthday yesterday. There are a few theatres and an IMAX down here, and we're planning to go to Bruno and Harry Potter when they come out.

I'm really excited for Osheaga, although we're completely unprepared.

So I have a test tomorrow. And a homework assignment. And then I have an oral presentation on same sex marriage next week, a group project later on, and a partner project after that. We have a test and a journal every week. fml. Why do I get the eccentric prof? Nobody else seems to have any homework yet. Also, I have to go to a meeting of class delegates once a week, because I was elected to be my class representative. Lolz. I didn't even want to do it, but whatever, it might be fun. My speech was so bad, too. I basically said that I had no experience except being class president in grade six. And then I told them that I'm really shy, but that being class representative would make me less shy. Apparently that went over well. Afterwards, the teacher grabbed my face in his hands (wish I were joking) and said "I really liked your speech!". Ha.

Okay, this turned out to not really be a quick update, because we're really tired from walking around all night. I really need to email my mom though. Also haven't called my dad yet. Time seems to go so quickly here, but at the same time it feels like we've been here forever, and it's only day five. Vous me manquez beaucoup. 


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07 July 2009 @ 08:26 pm
Ahhhh Montreal! I've been keeping a very detailed journal on word because I have nothing better to do in res with my spare time, sicne I have no internet connection (they failed to mention that it is 70$ a month). I will maybe post some of it later. Lolz at the Montreal community being featured this week. No time to put everything up now. I'm sitting in starbucks, just drank a huge lemonade, and I have to pee so badly, but the "toilettes" are out of order. I'll just say that I've been hiking up Mount Royal and saw all the city lights last night. Plus a racoon. Then our animateurs and animatrices took us all to a bar. It was an Irish pub, which made me happy. My first legal drink was a Sex on the Beach, because apparently I'm a huge girl. Then Emily and I played 21 with our table for a bit, and then went home. It was a pretty anticlimactic first bar, but whatevs. On thursday I'm going to Quebec City! Not everyone gets to go, so we were glad to get in for this weekend. Also, I bought my ticket for the Osheaga music festival tonight...:D:D:D. It's going to be great. On the not so great side, the res here is kind of shitty. Total false advertising on their website, but whatevs. It's liveable, just very uncomforable. Hope everything in Victoria and Saskatoon is fabulous for those who are there.

A bientot mes amies, 

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02 July 2009 @ 02:10 pm

Done, ish. Shitty framing/no mat because I have no time. I had to cut an inch off to make it fit :(. The painting's not even really done. Haven't won anything at the ex for a couple years, and still won't at this rate. Meant to do a better piece, but I leave in two seconds, and this is the only thing I've finished all year.

Last shift until august today!

Ahh, whoever hosts my layout exceeded their bandwidth, and photobucket is angry. Time for a new one!

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28 June 2009 @ 05:25 am
 Oh hai thar, insomnia. So I went to bed at 12:30, then woke up at 3:30 and couldn't sleep, tossed around in my bed for two hours and then ended up on my computer. What the fuck?  :(

Also, I have an exam in two seconds, and need to get up at six beforehand to register for courses. I'm going to try to do some physics at least (Lily is the only other person from our class online on Blackboard right now).
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 I'm a quarter done physics for the rest of my life :D.

My midterm exam was this afternoon, and it wasn't that bad I guess, although I realised as I was leaving the room that I did one of the long answer questions wrong. But I don't even care because the next question, I SHIT YOU NOT, was about the USS Enterprise orbiting a newly discovered planet!!! I almost had a heart attack in happiness, and then wrote "Live long and prosper!" under my answer. It made my day so much better.

I was in an angry mood toward the end of yesterday, and made some comments that I sort of now regret, but I will blame it on physics. It wasn't even because I was worried about the midterm---I don't actually care that much, I just have a really short intellectual attention span, and not being able to think about anything except physics all weekend was driving me kind of crazy. But now I have time to think about other things, so I'm feeling several times better. Yeah, I'm weird, whatever. Can't wait until my break between classes so I can catch up with all my television/reading/writing/music. I imagined that summer classes would involve me laying in the bowl, studying under the sun everyday. It does not. Which is why I'm cramming in all my required classes next year, so I can actually get out of this city for an extended period of time next summer.

And, cause all the cool kids are doing it, here's my tentative schedule:

Term 1:


9:30 - BMSC 200
10:30 - OChem 250
1:30 - English 202: Reading the Canon (:D)


8:30 - BMSC 240: Lab Techniques
10:00 - BMSC 220

T: 1:30 - Ochem Lab

R: 1:30 - BMSC 240 Lab 

Term 2:


9:30 - BMSC 230: Metabolism
10:30 - BMSC 210
12:30 - BMSC 224: Animal Body Systems
1:30 - English 202: Reading the Canon


11:30 - PLSC *** (Might take Stats 245 instead)

Tuesday afternoon or Monday night lab: 224

Why don't I own this shirt so I can wear it to physics?!?!?

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