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"On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux."

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I am:

*Nerd Intellectual
*Hopeless romantic
*Socialist (...in theory)
*Nice girl
*Music appreciator
*Idealistic cynic
*(Lazy) activist

In too many words:

Started blogging back in high school because I was an introverted weirdo (and not much has changed.) Now, I'm a university student on the conveyor belt to Medicine, and as much as I love the thought of being in school for the next 2408472 years, I secretly wish I were studying international development or journalism or human rights so I could "change the world", etc.

I have a bizarre obsession with the English language, and I believe that keyhole essays are beautiful in a way that nothing else can ever be. In my ideal career, I'm chilling in the ivory tower, reading, writing, being subversive and drinking coffee for the rest of my life.

I never meant to run in the election, but somehow I became the mayor of Awkwardtown. I spend a good portion of my time trying to shirk my mayoral duties and wishing for the balls to be the person that I am at heart.

I'm disgustingly nice to most people that I dislike. Silence is my sign of respect. If I act like a dick to someone's face, I probably lurve them a lot.

In my spare time, I enjoy typical university activities, including: being pretentious, camping in the library, listening to obscure indie pop and writing about my life on the internet.